Material Handling Solutions with AGV Robot (AMR Robot)

Material Handling Solutions with AGV Robot (AMR Robot)

In our article, we will take an obsessive look at the transportation types of products in logistics solutions, AGV robots, our new technologies in the world of mobile robots, new generation technology, Autonomous mobile robot, or Autonomous mobile robots in Turkish.

AGV robots are called platform type carriers as classification, basically they carry out the transfer of materials used in many general industries, such as Euro pallets, metal crates, shelves or dolly, within the line, machine feeding operations and transport to the stacking area.

Thanks to the special actuator group inside each robot, they can ventilate the products in the range of 10-15 cm in all material removal solutions and leave them in different positions with the same method. This stroke can be increased or decreased as needed.

Another product for product transfer directly from the shelves is our thousand handling solution, the Agv robot with the M1500 cartesian arm. This autonomous robot is able to attract the boxes that are directly stacked from the shelves with the cartesian arm, to its own eyes with the arm it extends into the shelf. With a total of 6 compartments on the back, it can collect the products on top and transfer them to the order area or production areas.

All Agv robots have QR code readers to distinguish pallet types or products on the shelves. With these QR codes, it will provide all kinds of addressing information from product types to the station information to be reached, and will add ease in material transfer and order management. You can benefit from all the possibilities of natural navigation with laser guidance in all our vehicles.

Agv robots that can be customized with roller or belt type conveyor attachments developed for the transfer of products such as boxes or cases can be applied to all transfer operations. You can carry more than one box, parcel, pallet, etc. needs, and deliver them to the production and order areas.

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Material Handling Solutions with AGV Robot (AMR Robot)
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