Technology differences between AGV robot and AMR robot

Technology differences between AGV robot and AMR robot

Technology differences between AGV robot and AMR robot : Overview of Mobile Robots

Technology differences between AGV robot and AMR robot: A Look at Mobile Robots

Before starting this article, where we will examine the comparison of AGV robot and AMR robot technologies, which are two names for autonomous guided vehicles, it is necessary to define the two technologies and share our comparison criteria. Our main benchmarks will be Flexibility, Ease of Use, Security, Traceability and Cost

AGV Robot – Automated Guided Vehicle Robot
As the word AGV stands for robot, automated guided vehicle technology in English, that is, autonomous guided vehicle technology in Turkish, is a technology term based on 15-20 years ago. Basically, linear or parabolic bands are laid on the ground, and it has a structure that travels completely on the strip. Conceptually, I can say that it evokes the logic of train and locomotive that I use in my daily life. That is why the programmable structure is not very effective in commissioning, since the first project parameters are completely dependent. It is not possible to be called intelligent mobile robots.

AMR Robot Technology – Autonomous Mobile Robot
As AMR robot word expansion, autonomous mobile robot in English, that is, autonomous mobile robot technology in Turkish, is a new generation mobile transport robot d with developments in sensor and high-speed 5g wireless data technology in today's conditions. Since it is a laser guided tool, it does not require environmental conditions or a tape tracking. The biggest difference is that they can go to every point of the production areas without having to follow any path, and can be changed instantly with the program. Since it is more flexible about the route, material transfers can be followed instantly over the wireless data traffic.

To compare :

The biggest advantage of Autonomous Mobile robot – AMR systems over Automated guided vehicle – AGV robot technology is that it does not follow any magnetic or contrasting black stripes. Free route calculation makes it very easy to transfer and order management of shelf-like transport elements such as daily pallets, crates or doly. The unlimited mobility of AMR robots can take the right product to the right station according to the product codes created in all SAP-like ERP systems. The new generation autonomous mobile robots, which can easily adapt to the changing conditions on the factory floor, reveal the AMR robot differences compared to AGV robots in terms of adaptation. By using QR codes, stations and the material to be transported can be identified directly. AMR robots, which can offer sensitivities up to +-1 mm in terms of repeatability and precision, can provide more mechanical properties than old AGV robots.


Ease of Use

One of the biggest disadvantages of AGV robot technology is the lack of a ready-made structure for programming. With their simple IO structures, they work in a stop-start mode at stations. AMR robots work in a complete mobile robot logic. They access the traffic control software, which is the upper software, with the Wifi-based communication among themselves and the data is distributed through the same channel from here. Aside from the uninterrupted and continuous interaction between traffic management software and autonomous mobile robots, the easy-to-use interfaces of AMR robots have also developed with the developing technology. It has a simple interface that anyone can use.


AGVs have less technological safety possibilities than AMR robots. There is 360 laser guidance and scanning around our AMR robots and an Anti-collision (collision detection) with EU norms. Therefore, there is no possibility of collision with humans. In addition to these, industrial warning lamps and audible warning systems can directly warn the oncoming operator.



The biggest advantage of the Automated mobile robot AMR technology is the instantaneous order or location of the transported material to the user via wireless communication and the traffic program. This feature is not available in AGV robot technology because there is no wireless data traffic whatsoever. It has to go to pre-programmed places on a fixed basis. The perception of order management in AMR robots is at the highest level, in this way, whether you are preparing an order in a fulfilment center in machine feeding or an e-commerce logistics system, it will be the right product for you.


It is useful to divide the cost item into two, which I can call the initial cost and the operational costs. In terms of initial cost, the AGV robot costs less than AMR robots due to its low technology and old-style sensors. This is because it contains fewer features. Since the biggest cost difference is in the operational item, AMR robots have an overwhelming advantage over AGV robots. The reason for this is that the AGV robot follows the lane, and this lane's revision, maintenance and rebuilding is a great effort and cost item. In addition, a well-equipped team is essential for this. Since all such requirements are eliminated with the AMR robot, you can achieve a safe return on investment (ROI) in a shorter time with our autonomous mobile robots.

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Technology differences between AGV robot and AMR robot
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