Warehouse Storage and Sorting Solutions

Storage Solutions

Lars robot presents a new generation warehouse shelf solution, Goods to Person concept, and AMR robot-based solution that will combine handling, that is, sorter and storage solutions from e-commerce to supermarket management. With this solution, which is completely based on AMR robots or AGV robots, all your orders are prepared instantly. With this system, which works in integration with production and warehouse management software (warehouse management software WMS, production management software PMS), your process management becomes easier, your inventory tracking and stagnant stock management increase.

  1. Efficient control with AMR robots (AGV robots)
  2. Flexible order preparation
  3. 6000 cases/hour productivity
  4. Increase capacity by increasing the number of Scalable AMR (AGV) robots
  5. Up to 5 400 orders / hour preparation

What are the difficulties encountered?

  • Labor costs
  • Low product preparation and output
  • Uneven distribution in product preparation
  • Insufficient warehouse space
  • Manual and bulky products such as forklifts in narrow warehouse areas
Storage Solutions


Fast return on investment with unmanned operation
Fast return on investment with unmanned operation
 Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
Inventory Tracking
Inventory Tracking
 Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency
 Exceptional Experience
Exceptional Experience

1 Capture the advantage of Automation with AMR Robots (Autonomous mobile robot)
Leading companies are enabling their warehouses and fulfillment networks, offering an exciting career path for new and experienced employees, and breaking down their toughest KPIs by integrating automation into their existing infrastructure.

2 Increase your warehouse space efficiency
Apply instant automation with AI-led software and intelligent robotic execution to solve warehouse shortages and streamline workflows in a matter of weeks. Improve your existing system by reducing cost of ownership while managing demand spikes using modular, scalable AMR robot systems.

3 Mitigate and Reduce Risk
Lars robotic traffic management solutions reduce your risk of taking the first step towards automation, enable you to invest in what you need now, and give you the flexibility to grow at your own pace. Variable costing and low initial investment means you can deliver on your promises and improve your margins.

4 Increase productivity by 5 times
Optimize vertical space to increase capacity by 3x with AMR robots (Autonomous mobile robot) and fulfill high-volume multi-tenant orders faster from the same space. Increase productivity with a leaner workforce that is efficient and engaged. All this with a wave-free, real-time fulfillment system that maximizes productivity while meeting express order SLAs.

5 Strengthen your workforce
Create a safe, ergonomic work environment to overcome labor shortages. Equip your staff with the knowledge and tools to do more with less.

Fulfilment for mixed order preperations

Your products are stored separately in vertically built warehouses to increase space management. Thanks to robots, the customer order is prepared by downloading it from the shelves and collected in the order preparation area. It is packaged with the help of the operator or robotic arm and is ready for shipment.

  1. Mixed order preparation
  2. Quick order creation
  3. Handling
  4. Smart Storage
  5. Space saving
  6. Live tracking with Lars traffic management program
Fulfilment for mixed order preperations
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