M50 - 500 kg

M50 - 500 kg Product Features

Performance Parameter (mm; kg)     Navigation types QR code or Laser Natural Navigation Slam
size 880*680*295 mm     type of battery
Lithium Iron Phosphate (Lifepo4 )  
Rotation diameter 1112 mm     battery capacity 48V/33Ah
Self-respect 160 kg     Rated battery life 8h
Rated load 500 kg     Charging time 1.5 h
Adapt to the largest bin size 800*1200 mm EU palet or 1200x1200 palet (length*width)     Cycle life Full 1000 times 
Lifting Height 60 mm     Crossing ability <5 mm
Single pick and place time 4 s     Ability <3mm
Minimum pick-up bin height 300 mm     Ability to cross the slope <3-5 %
Height of pick-and-place box 360 mm     Operating temperature 0-45 ℃
Carrying shelves 6 shelves (2.2 meter)     Lidar Obstacle Avoidance  Yes
No-load speed <2.2 m/s     Collision detection bar (optional)  Yes
Full load speed <1.5 m/s     Available e-stop 2 sides
positioning accuracy ±10 mm     Communication  Wifi/ 5G
Stop accuracy ±5 mm     Debugging Interface Open API 
Stop angle accuracy ±1°     noise <70 dB
M50 - 500 kg Product Features
Product Advantages

Product Advantages

AMR Robot and AGV robots, also known as Automated Guided Vehicle products, are mainly designed for material transfer. It is a platform type AGV robot model with a carrying capacity of 500 kg. It comes with a natural navigation option. You can easily perform your EU or ISO pallet type routine pallet operations during the day. With the 3rd axis on it, you can change the direction on your robot, such as the long and short side EU pallet, and you can easily pass through narrow corridors. You can make instant mapping with natural navigation and gain speed and performance in autonomous material transfer operations. With laser navigation, you can detect the position and orientation of your products such as pallets or crates. Accordingly, you can work together with forklift and pallet truck operations.

Adaptation to different material types with its wide product family

  • EU Pallet
    Conveyor top transfers
    Box, parcel, handling etc.
         Solar panel PV, battery manufacturing, textile, automotive, food, pharmaceutical and FMCG
         Production - Production or Warehouse - Production transfers

 Fast charging

Fast charging


500kg load with Quick Charge 1 Shift = 1 hour charge


High performance, sustainable production

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