Sorter Solutions

AMR Robot Sorter Solutions

One of the biggest problems in today's production and storage machine technology is creating a problem for sorter or handling solutions. Many industries are looking for a fast, scalable and manageable sorter machine solution. Fast and manageable sorter solutions between Inboud & Outbound can be provided with AGV robots. In this way, the order distribution that changes during the day can be achieved by playing with the numbers of AGV robots. In this sense, AMR robots save space, do not take up space and can be commissioned within minutes.

The advantages of our sorter solutions with AMR Robots (AGV robots).

  • Completely autonomous robot architecture instead of conveyor technology
    Easy error handling
    Unlimited SKU management with scalable number of robots
    Robot speed and management in response to changing order situations
    Management and tracking of robots in narrow spaces with Lars Robot traffic management program
    For sectors such as e-commerce, logistics, cargo transfers, production transfers such as textile and automotive, etc.
    Returns management, product verification, sorter, material transfer instead of conveyor

Product features

  • 35 kg carrying capacity
    CE certificate
    Direct integration with on-robot conveyor to floor conveyors


AMR Robot Sorter Solutions
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