About Us

About Us

Our Mission Comprehensive End-of-Line Transfer Solutions

Lars Robot has been started producing machinery in 2022 .It was created in partnership with Arsanmak machinery established in 2000 and aims to make a difference in logistics solutions in all factories by combining its knowledge and extensions from the sector with those who use it in end-of-hat transfer solutions and user-oriented autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology.

Our scope
The principles of intralogistics and warehouse logistics offer solutions with smart AGV robots or AMR robots, which are managed with a fleet management program, instead of traditional forklift structures. With our software solutions, your transfers can be tracked instantly on maps and reducing the traceability of your orders. To approach all your material transfer solutions as an unmanned forklift handling solution with our turnkey solutions.

our philosophy

  • Quality: Continuing your production with our long-lasting mechanical production
  • Price - performance : Offering our high-speed AMR robots at affordable Prices compared to conventional forklifts
  • Technology : To offer software and solutions that can be used by everyone, in which we integrate the most advanced artificial intelligence with ease.
  • After-Sales Services: Fast and efficient problem solving and spare parts supply for uninterrupted production

Our focus
With a team of software, mechanical, electrical and mechatronics engineers, we can develop our products, known as AGV robots with the old technology name and continue as AMR robots with new technology, to develop the fastest solution with the highest technology, to be able to develop the basis of traditional AGV robot or AMR robot technology whose technology works instead of forklifts. You are always welcome to our showroom area to use it and try its options, you can share it with our sales representative in your region via Whatsapp or our corporate mail.

You can contact our customer representatives and submit your questions and requests.

You can contact us for all your questions and comments. 0216 313 28 71